This is demonstration of some technologies (cloud, virtualization, content delivery network, online transformations, component abstraction, fulltext indexing, live video streaming)
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Web Forms - Dive Into HTML5
...0+ 4.0+ 3.0+ 10.0+ 3.0+ Web sites can use JavaScript to focus the first input field of a web form... ...wrong place. Because the autofocusing is done with JavaScript, it can be tricky to handle all of these... ...may offend your sensibilities to put a block of JavaScript code in the middle of your page. (Or, more... ...custom events is not unique to jQuery. Other JavaScript libraries like YUI and Dojo offer similar... ...the form field. If that offends you, use a JavaScript library that supports custom events, and trigger...
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The other side of the moon: March 2011 up: sudo ifconfig <iface> up Where iface is the network interface. This should be something like ... probably shouldn`t be doing this anyway ;) Now, once your interface is up, you can change its MAC... disconnected, just run the command as above, but for the en1 interface: sudo ifconfig en1 ether... ...on my 3 year old Nokia is 6.4MB. After using the real keyboard on the E71, the onscreen keyboard on... ...mistakes on every occasion that I`ve needed to use the keyboard. I even make mistakes trying to hit...
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jQuery Time Picker : arguments.callee
...javascript, jquery, time picker, jquery ui, ajax blog, arguments.callee A cool, fast time picker using... ...A cool, fast time picker using the jQuery JavaScript library. jQuery Time Picker HB Stone http://arguments... javascript, jquery, time picker, jquery ui A cool, fast time picker... ...A cool, fast time picker using the jQuery JavaScript library. 2008-11-12 159 P0M47S javascript review One of... is to use what people already know. If you present an interface that is unfamiliar, people...
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Air Archive - Rey Bango
...Uncategorized Videos Web 2.0 Web Development Web Jobs Yahoo Yahoo User Interface Library Jun 17, 2008 Comments... ...Brazilian Portuguese and included support for double-byte keyboard input. Other notable enhancements include... ...Apr 17, 2008 Comments Off Free AIR v1.0 for JavaScript Developers Pocketguide from Adobe has... ...has posted about the new “AIR for JavaScript Developers Pocketguide” which has been updated... ...include jQuery Ext JS Dojo and Spry Adobe AIR integrates JavaScript and ActionScript to allow cross-scripting...
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Setup Methods | jQuery API Documentation
...jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library jQuery jQuery UI jQuery Mobile Sizzle QUnit Plugins ... ...variable. Ajax Global Ajax Event Handlers Helper Functions Low-Level Interface Shorthand Methods Attributes ... ...Loading Event Handler Attachment Event Object Form Events Keyboard Events Mouse Events Forms Internals ...
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3.2.4 Content models — HTML: The Living Standard - Edition for Web Developers
...object if the usemap attribute is present) select textarea sorting interface th elements video (if the ... ...enable assistive technology products to expose a more fine-grained interface than is otherwise possible... ...mouse to cause a tooltip to appear, which excludes keyboard-only users and touch-only users, such as... ...translated when the page is localized, except the sample keyboard input and sample program output: ... ...associated CSS dropped, the page is still usable. JavaScript libraries may use the custom data...
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My Library a cross-browser scripting library, written in Javascript My Library, Javascript, library, project... ...builder, browser scripting, Ajax, comp.lang.javascript, newsgroup Skip Navigation Resources Contents Home ... ...Links Donations Discussion Repository Primers Attributes Host Keyboard Position Size Viewport Bookmark Digg This Add... ...Size Viewport Bookmark Digg This Add to Javascript Help Newsgroup FAQ My Library My Library is an... for My Library (as well as any other Javascript library or framework). With the help of a local...
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Gadgets « Mike Brittain
...don’t always translate well in Mobile Safari. The touch interface and the select/copy tools on the... ...sells video conferencing on tablet devices. 7. Virtual Keyboard. I tend to think the iPhone keyboard is... ...for a larger device would be to have a more functional keyboard with command/alt/option keys. This... ...series, I describe how you can use client-side JavaScript to implement a history cache for the... ...shows how to track a history of events using JavaScript within a single browsing session. A Holiday for...
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Tech specs | Zendesk
...Create ticket forms Customer Support Agent Productivity Tools Agent interface in 14 languages Zendesk can be... ...set in your agent’s preferred language with a localized interface in German, French, Japanese... ...Agents Admins Starter Log into your Zendesk to check it out Multi-tab interface Zendesk is a multi-tab... ...Zendesk to check it out Multi-tab interface Zendesk is a multi-tab interface. Each tab can open a ticket... tab. Customers Agents Admins Starter Search in Zendesk Keyboard shortcuts Zendesk comes pre-built with...
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Beautiful Project Management Software -
...product management It looks like you don`t have Javascript enabled. Check here for more information ... will alert them via email. Prioritize Use our elegant interface to prioritize, tag, manage... ...status to your commits via GitHub`s commit status API. Keyboard shortcuts We understand your adverse... ...relationship with the mouse. Flex your muscle memory with our keyboard shortcuts. Loved by hundreds of...
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